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My name is Zack Turner i am currently based in Illinois but i love to travel! I was originally born in Berlin, Germany.I speak fluent german & English. My goal is to become a full time photographer/videographer


I first got into videographer after i was told that i couldn't play sports anymore due to an injury my sophomore year in high school. I took a media class that i thought would just be an easy A the next semester and i absolutely fell in love with shooting videos. I never thought i would do photography but I started doing it my senior year in college because one of my friends figured since i have a camera i can do his graduation shoot. i said why not and also fell in love with photography. I was actually so busy doing other grad shoots that i forgot and didn't have time to take my own graduation shoot. Now it's my goal to work for myself and do photography and videography full time!

My 3 favorite types of shoots whether it be photo or video work are Weddings, Engagements and the odd one out of course Graduations! I love shooting celebrated moments because of the natural energy that comes with them making everything easier for everyone.  I'm not limited to these types of shoots i try to do any type of work that you are looking to do so please don't hesitate to ask. I go into every shoot with the same goal of making this be my best shoot yet, not only quality wise, but also making it fun. I like to go into my shoots more as your professional friends instead of seeing you as just a client. 

When it comes to my style i love to shoot raw emotion thats candid over being posed. The genuine smiles always look best!

If this would be something that you would want to consider, i would love to talk to you more and figure out any questions you have! I hope to hear from you!!

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If you want to talk more tell me that you would love to!!