Q: What is the turn around time for photos?

A: I give each of my shoots at maximum no more than 2 weeks to be edited and sent out.

Q:  How many photos do i get?

A: For each hour that i shoot i promise to deliver 50-75 photos. 

Q: If it rains or the weather is bad are we allowed to reschedule or do we have to pay a rescheduling fee?

A: Weather is something that you can't control therefore it wouldn't be fair to charge you to reschedule. We can figure out another day that works out best for both of us. Hey, maybe the rain would even go with the theme and we can try it out if you guys want.

Q: I've never taken photos before/ Im not photogenic/ I'm not sure how to pose.

A: Thats actually not a problem at all. Most of the shoot i look for a candid style over posing anyway but i also enjoy guiding you on how to pose and find your best angles. I've worked with plenty of people that tell me they don't know how to pose or they're not photogenic but it turned out that they were actually natural once the flow of the photoshoot gets going. 

Q: What is your favorite type of shoot to do and why?

A: My favorite types of shoots overall are the ones that are celebrations like Weddings, Engagements, Graduations etc. I love the energy of these shoots. Everyone is typically in a great mood making it so much easier to get the raw emotion and genuine smiles that i love to capture. If i had to pick one style to shoot i would probably pick the wedding because at weddings the energy is coming from more than just one or two people. I love meeting the family especially the parents. Nothing but great vibes at all my shoots so far. 

Q: Can you do the photography and videography at a wedding?

A: I would much rather not. I feel as if i wouldn't be able to capture everything as it should be captured. I also wouldn't want to miss a special moment because of having to switch from photo to video or vice versa. If i can focus on on just the photography or video work i guarantee much better results. If you would allow me to be your photographer at your wedding i know a videographer that i work with that i can recommend or vice versa if you choose me to be the videographer i can recommend a photographer for you. 

Q: Im kind of awkward when it comes to taking photos i hope that wont mess up the shoot. 

A: Thats completely fine i'm also awkward and have a personality that somehow fits with everyone i've shot with. As soon as we both get comfortable as the flow goes and we understand each other the shoot will change completely and we"ll both have a great time.  

Q: Do you travel? 

A: Of course! I love traveling. 

Q: How do go ahead and book with you?

A: Well first of all, thank you for even considering booking with me. To book me go ahead and submit an inquiry and i will get back to you as soon as possible.